Thursday, December 01, 2011

Non attachment in relationships- Aero*boga

This does not mean that we should have no attachments. It means that we should first respect our own needs so that we have more to give to others. In the best sense nonattachment means we are not fixed into any one position. We are walking the middle way where we realize that we all have our own needs and wants. We recognize our own needs but are also able to tap into a large state of being where we realize that compromise and openness to change brings balance. When two people become too identified with their positions they get polarized and the dance of love comes to a grinding halt. We must learn to be open to the point of view of others, energized with happiness and connected at the pulse of all relationships – the sacral and the heart.

Practice nonattachment – the ability to set aside your wants and needs, see the position of another and reach out with a sense of balance and understanding. The dance of relationship will be full of insight and joy.

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