Thursday, December 08, 2011

Aero*boga - the way of the heart

The Way of the Heart – the nature of relationship, devotion and love

When we speak of walking the middle way – Buddhism refers to it as the razor’s edge. The middle way is about not getting attached or fixed into any one position. If we fall into identification with any position; wanting more closeness or separateness; wanting our freedom or wanting commitment we risk hurting ourselves, because we give more energy to one part of ourselves at the expense of the other. The way of the heart is balanced, centered and present. In order to maintain balance in our lives we need to continually come back to the present moment which is sharp and thin as the razors edge.

When we open, energize and connect in the present moment we find balance and all our relationships take on a new meaning. For in the present moment our relationships have the potential to renew and begin fresh; open, energize and connect – don’t get stuck in any position hanging onto resentments of the past or fearing the uncertainty of the future - but stay present and all your relationships will find balance.

Let’s get started open, energize and connect

Stay present and sharp like razors edge – be careful not to get stuck in any position – resentments from the past or uncertainty about the future – live in the present moment where authentic love has a chance to flourish and grow.

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