Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aero*boga 11 dancing on the razors edge

The razors edge is the sharp point of the present moment. It means to embrace in the moment all we are as humans. After a fight with my partner, my child, my coworker, my parent, sibling or friend, part of me wants to nurse my anger and part of me wants to drop it and express my love. Slipping into uncertainty we must come back to the present moment. Being angry while loving someone is painful. Yet at these moments we have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be human – we have these emotions; we do not need to deny them nor do we need to feed them – we only need to slip back into the present moment without settling into any position and let the moment unfold – here on the razor’s edge we can feel the pain without settling into a hard and fixed position – here we understand what it means to be human – we all share the same emotions and the same fears. When this happens the heart opens and with a large flow of love we are able to once again give and receive free of attachment to any point of view.

Open, energize and connect - Aero*boga

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