Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aeroboga -The sacred vessel of a relationship

When we exercise we use our physical muscles. In a relationship we have an opportunity to use our emotions muscles; the muscle of letting go, opening up and accepting. As we use these emotional muscles more and more each day we enhance our ability to exercise these traits in every aspect of our life. To make a sacred vessel of our relationships we must first make clear our intentions. Openness is required – this means we should be open to other people and to new opportunities. Trust is also necessary – trust in ourselves, others and our ability to self realize. We also need energy to keep us focused and committed to maintaining and nurturing our relationships. And finally we must be willing to connect the ability to give and receive with the ability to love. These physical and emotional exercises create a strong vessel from which we find the strength to transform our love into unconditional compassion and understanding.
Doctor Lynn

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