Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Successful Life – And it came to me

What is this mysterious thing that seems to come from nowhere and is suddenly the answer you have been looking for? I have been struggling how to turn my next book into a book. I needed a title and a direction. Then suddenly in a book store waiting to go to a movie the title started to pop in my head and I realized that the title defined the direction and would bring all of my ideas into a central theme which was what I needed to do. Then I got a better idea – the title would start with a text message! After all I is destined to be an eBook. But now I need to learn how to write the title in text messaging. I’ll look it up on the internet because everything can be found on the internet accept my intuition. I wonder if anybody today listens to their inner voice for direction or do they simply Google for a response? Does anybody rally get quiet and listen? When was the last time you consciously heard and felt your breath?

Now the next step is to turn this blog into the book so I implement the discipline to get the book written. Without the time and application of thought and organization nothing ever gets written. And of course nobody may ever read it. But if I don’t write it than for sure no one will ever read it.

As I sit here early in the morning enthusiastic about my new found direction, I wonder why I feel compelled to write another book when I have written about four and one of them have amounted to much in terms of material success and fame. But that’s not why I do this thing called writing. It’s because I love the process and the satisfaction of watching something abstract come to life.

My new book has received several nice reviews from professional book reviewers. Things are different now. It’s not about getting a publisher. It’s about publishing our own book – which everyone is doing so that everyone is an author – just as everyone is now an artist and everything else due to the changing structure of the world. Perhaps that is a good thing. For too long, too few people held the keys to success. If you knew someone – success could happen. It was never about how much you knew but who you knew. Now it’s more about who you can get to follow you because you have something interesting to share and that does not equate to money for most people. In some ways the whole process is tougher and in some ways it’s easier – and isn’t that progress?

I’ll write my book the old fashion way – one page at a time and hope for the best or at least the opportunity to share something of value.

Doctor Lynn


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