Monday, February 07, 2011

A Successful Life – Fix it when it’s not working? 2/7/11

When something is not working should you try and fix it or abandon it and move on? If it has value to you and you believe that it has some merit then perhaps a little fixing might make it work. It’s so easy to throw away and quit when the rewards for your efforts are not met. That is when it is time to reassess your goals and your values and decide to fix it or not.

I wonder if Oprah would like to do a show on people who are trying to accomplish something and no matter how hard they try things never seem to work out. What is it that makes something work and at the same time makes something else not work? Same effort but different results.

Could be timing, wrong exposure or no exposure. May-be it just doesn’t appeal to anyone or it’s not unique enough to stand out above the crowd. Whatever it is – it appears broke and the question is do I fix it or throw it away?

Some people fix everything. My husband loves to fix things. He will spend hours fixing a small object that if he added up his time was a total waste of money. But he gets satisfaction in fixing an object. May-be this is not such a bad idea. The world is very wasteful. If we fixed things instead of throwing them away may-be the world would not be so cluttered with junk. Seems like there is more junk in the world every day.

I am taking a couple of vest to the tailor to have them retrofitted. It’s cheaper than buying new. The vests are vintage and unique. I’m trying to recycle my clothes and my shoes and my project. What does that mean; I ponder? What does it mean to recycle your life? Webster’s defines it as causing to repeat a cycle. Isn’t that what mid life crisis is all about? We try to repeat an earlier cycle only to find that things have changed. The old material is not the same as it was thirty years ago. The fabric has faded and is a bit torn but with a careful eye we can recycle back again with a better perspective and better use of our time.

Should I try and fix it? There’s an old saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” If it is broke and it can’t be fixed – recycle it. Isn’t that the mark of a successful life? The ability to recycle over and over until you get it right.

Doctor Lynn

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