Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Successful Life Getting Organized

Some days I feel like I am organized and others fly by without any feeling of accomplishment. But just exactly what does it mean to be organized? Getting a lot of things done? Having everything in its place? Is it really worth it? Wouldn’t it be more fun to simply take things as they come to you? Or would a bit of irresponsibility create chaos and stress?

The practice of Karma yoga teaches that life becomes what life does. You reap what you sow. However there is a fine line between overly organized and chaos. It is called the middle ground where balance is found.

I am about to make some changes in my approach to my projects. To date what I have done has not worked. I can blame myself and believe it to be a failure or I can reorganize and set about with a new plan. If I throw my hands up in despair I have truly failed but if I carefully analyze my situation from a balanced and grounded point of view without the mixture of emotion I can see that the direction I choose is not working. Perhaps another direction will get me to my destination.

But what if life does the very best it can and still it comes up with failure? Is it really failure or an attempt misguided? I did not listen to my intuition this time although I knew that the potential for failure, or should I say not to succeed, rested in both the source and the ability to organize and implement. The organization was there but the implementation I questioned.

I’m about to reorganize. Will this guarantee success? There a e no guarantees in life only opportunities that get discovered when a person is willing to take a chance. And sometimes taking a chance means letting go of well organized ideas and habits. Being too tightly organized can destroy the flexibility and spontaneity of life. If life becomes what life does than a little spontaneity just might be the antidote that helps us reach the middle ground.

Doctor Lynn

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