Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sankalpa - a way of proceeding to achieve success

Sankalpa is a sanskrit word. In yoga it means "a way of proceeding." The difference between those who fullfil their desires and those who don't has more to do with focus than luck. According to the scriptures, when you quiet your body-mind ( such as in yoga class) your soul's purpose has an opportunity to manifest. Listening quietly to your inner voice you know instinctly(intuitively) what you need to fullfil your desire to reach your highest potential. It is a driving need that propells a person forward. Some times this force seems unrealistic but when it becomes a need and not a want you will find yourself traveling the pathway known as happiness. Whatever you must do; you will do it with happiness when directed by sankalpa - the way to proceed. Listen quietly and follow your voice.
Doctor Lynn

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