Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This Week's Yoga Lesson - the desire for the means to fullfill your dream

In our desire to find happiness we also desire  according to the Vedas, the desire for artha or the desire to aquire the means to allow us to fill our potential.Thing such as money, security and health allow us to move forward and complete our destiny. Now money you may say is material and isn't the soul's desire beyond material accummmulation? Yes, but we all need the means of survival in order to create . The accummulation of money, security and of course our health can take on a spiritual path of its own. Mindfully pursued the accummulation of  money can be a spritual path that assist the soul in ultimately expressing it's highest potential. I spent years pursuing a goal. All that time I had a plan for getting to a secure and financially stable place where I could follow my dream. Mindfully I never let the desire for money in and of itself be the driving force in my life. If I had I would be a rich woman today but perhaps dreadfully unhappy. I know many people who chase money for money's sake and end up unhappy. Money or wealth is what allows a society and an individual to prosper. This is good. But there is a big difference between following a dream and securing the means to attain it and becoming attached to the material world. Be willing to release the energy and realize your dream.  You will then find happiness. There is a saying...do what you love and the money will come.
Doctor Lynn

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