Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Way of Proceeding to Find Your Purpose

In yoga the way to proceed in finding your life's purpose is to be totally dedicated from a place within your heart. As you think so you become. Or as I have said life becomes what life does. It is about intentions and intentions must be stated with full committment and focus, otherwise they simply become meaningless. Most intentions fail. The average person makes about 1.8 resolutions a year and 80 perent fail. Why? Because we focus on fullfilling our desires without thinking about how these desires  serve the greater meaning and purpose of our lives. Another reason why we fail is that there is a science to fullfilling your desires. You must focus your energy in such a way that it reaches a specific end.
So here are the first to things you must master;
1. Make your intentions very clear and state it to another person. Write it down.
2. Focus with all your enegy on fullfilling this desire but make sure it is a desire that serves the greater meaning to your purpose in life.
In other words if your intention is to find a better job or to make more money - how does that serve to fullfill a greater purpose in your life - when you discover this you will succeed.
This will take some thought.
Doctor Lynn

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