Friday, July 08, 2011

New Computer

Yesterday I got a new computer. I was two days without a computer so that my husband's office could download from my old computer to this new one which of course now needs to be reconfigured. I'll need to set new passwords and search for everything again... what a hassel! However I set up and used my sewing machine with my free time and spent some time reading and enjoying life without a computer. Amazing how things have changed. I rememeber getting my first cable unit and renting a VCR to rent movies - a big box. Now it's all about technology and we feel helpless without our computers and phones.
So now I am back to the modern day world but I still realize the value in a good conversation face to face, a good book to read and something creative to do with idle time. Take a little time today to relax and enjoy the world around you.
Doctor Lynn

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