Friday, July 29, 2011

Divided we conquor

If I could divide me into three people I think I could get all my projects organized. Ever had so much on your plate that you need another self to get it all done? I find myslef flourishing with ideas and tangible projects and scrambling for time. Balance is the catch word. Managing my life so that time is not wasted. How do I do it? Start with a goal or a desire and motivation will follow. Just make sure it is a worthy goal or you will not stay focused. Still wish there was three of me working side by side to accomplish all my goals. So let's post again...keep the book rolling!

A recipe for Love - Think Green

Green is the color, according to color therapist and yogis, that is associated with the heart chakra. It both supports heart health and is the energy center for love. The color green is a neutralizing balancing and centering color. Connected to the heart chakra the color green is the quality of air, openness, expansiveness and unconditional love.

The color green in fruits and vegetables is a mark of nutrients rich vitamin and minerals. Darker and richer greens such as that found in kale is a great source of calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. Kale is also a great antioxidant vegetable with beta carotene, vitamin K and lutien making it a great source for heart health.

Kale is much milder in flavor than collard greens but equally as nutrious. The minerals in kale have been shown to help the liver detoxify the body and to help to prevent cancer. Although often times used as a garnish kale makes a wonderful side dish.

Kale like all of the cabbage family is easy to grow and survives in cold and harsh conditions. It’s a hearty food that for many years was considered a “poor man’s food”. Thankfully today chefs are beginning to appreciate the nutritional value of kale. It is low in calories, low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals making it an ideal food for those watching their weight and supporting their health.

Love sometimes comes in a funny form. The cabbage family is not necessarily the prettiest of vegetables and it’s rather bitter and strong taste can be “off putting”. But it’s nutritional value cannot be denied. Sometimes those things that look the least lovable are the most giving and supporting of all.

Kale like love, sometimes must endure harsh conditions in order to flower and grow. Its presence can be bitter sweet. However, love is more than just the attraction to something exciting and new. Love is something that grows and gives with an eye to health and well being. We worry about those we love and we make every effort to see that they are cared for and nourished in body, mind and soul.

 Now I can’t say I’ve always been in love with Kale. For years it was a garnish to me but then suddenly I discovered its rich dark slightly bitter taste and its rich nutritional value. Sometimes it takes maturing a bit, experiencing a bit and opening up to new possibilities that allows a healthy love to enter your life. Hail to kale!


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