Monday, July 25, 2011


It is so easy to get distracted by life's events and put certian things aside. I am still writting the book but not on schedule due to family events, other obligations and time restraints. Now those are excuses and of course I can always find the time if I sleep less, don't watch TV, ignore my friend and I eat dinner at my desk. Ah but life is a balancing act and if you balance all things out what you want to accomplish will happen- even if at a slower pace but not at the expense of living a full life. My life is full of events, friends, family and simple things like a Sunday afternoon at the museum. So I'll work with the distractions and pick away at my projects and balance it all out so my life stays full and rich. The secret is to make sure the distractoin are worthy of your time. Family, friends and artful Sunday afternoons enrich your life and are well worth the distrctions. Back to the book...
Doctor Lynn

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