Saturday, October 28, 2017

Review The Troublesome Four

The troublesome four affect all of us to some degree and at various times in our lives. They appear somewhat like chess pieces challenging us to check mate and remove them from the game of life. First we must consciously become aware of them and then we must experience them so we can master them. They are envy, jealousy, greed and resentment.    Be on the lookout for this troublesome four. It will require discipline, strength, balance and flexibility if you are to master them.

We practice yoga to improve, in our body, balance, flexibility and strength. But yoga is also about building strength, flexibility and balance in the mind. The body and mind together in a state of balance supports the mission of the soul. It takes strength of character to combat the troublesome four. We need flexibility to detach, adjust and let them go, and we need balance to remain calm when they appear; and appear they will!

Each time you override them with positive thoughts you diminish their power. If you resent what someone has done to you it is your perception of the situation that holds onto the resentment. If you envy someone it is your perception of their life. Most likely your perception is not accurate. Everyone has something they must battle with in life.

 The reality is that what comes into your life always brings with it a lesson that if learned leads to self-mastery. The events and situation in your life are challenges that the soul has taken on for its evolution. It is the ego and the sensations of the body that get in the way. So as we work through the class today let’s focus  not only on balancing, strengthening and flexing the body, but also on calming the mind, adjusting your focus, and strengthening your inner voice.   

Once you know who you are (the infinite capacity to be) and why you are here (to discover this infinite capacity) envy, jealousy, greed and competition become irrelevant.  To master the troublesome four, be content, trustworthy, generous and objective, and remember the world is real. It is your perception (how you see things) that is the illusion. Remove the maya (illusion), detach and become objective and you will see the world and all its events and situations in your life as opportunities to learn, know and master your life. Check Mate.

Doctor Lynn

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