Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Love You Seek


Hatred, prejudice and bigotry are rampant in our world and yet the opposite, love, is the greatest desire on earth. It is programmed into every cell of our being. Every being wants to give and receive love. If we are denied love we experience unbelievable disappointment and will begin to believe we are destined to be denied the love we seek. We then become cynical and hard hearted. Karma yoga teaches that there are three fundamental fears in life. All fear and negativity comes from one of these; fear of not being loved is at the head of the list, followed by fear of being rejected and fear of dying. Hatred, prejudice and bigotry are byproducts of a lack of love and respect for the essence of life. To remove these look to compassion and, understanding  while reminding yourself that we are all no matter what our culture, gender, race, religion or orientation a part of the human race and this beautiful thing called life. It begins with establishing balance, finding your strength and staying flexible while finding quietude and peace within your body, mind and soul. Let’s get started

Love is a tremendous power. It can destroy and it can create.  In yoga we find it in the heart chakra. . Here love means expansion and the unwavering nature of the human soul. Love is the capacity to sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice. To love someone, something and yourself is to touch the heart of your soul. Love from your soul and you will find the balance, strength and flexibility to be at peace within and become the love you seek.

Doctor Lynn

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