Saturday, December 09, 2017

To Be Strong – Yoga Today

The basic nature of energy is the potential to create or destroy. It is void of judgment and so can move in any direction. However, how we harness this energy and use it determines the outcome. We can choose stability and balance over anguish, fear and pain.

When we learn to direct energy we become the masters of our lives. No matter how chaotic life may be we come back to the present moment and it is here that we find our grounding and our strength.

However, it is important to remember that this process is work and will not come without a lot of conscious effort. The paradox is that although the process takes tremendous strength and endurance coming back to the present moment brings us to a place of stillness and serenity.

Let’s begin to work on our balance, flexibility, strength and ability to be present here and now as we discover moment of stillness, quietude and serenity.


Along the pathway of life there will be many temptations. The greatest temptation of all will be to let yourself be guided by your ego. It is the ego that finds it hard to forgive and believes it can justify anything including violence. The basic nature of life is potential energy with the ability to create or destroy. Harness and master this energy and you will become the master of your destiny. Choose always the highest potential of your being; be gentle and, kind and in this you will always be grounded and strong.

Namaste ~ may you go with health, happiness and peace

Doctor Lynn


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