Saturday, September 10, 2016

Raising the Level of Consciousness – Yoga Today

The practice of yoga is more about raising your level of consciousness than it is about the poses. However, the poses help us to discover yoga. We use the chakras as markers or guidelines along the path of self-awareness. There are seven chakras along the spinal cord and hundreds of other chakras spinning out from the center of our being. The major chakras connect to vital organs throughout body. For example the throat chakra is connected to the thyroid. The thyroid is the organ that balances our metabolism or our energy. Our goal in yoga is to balance out the energy of the chakras. As we move up the spine we move closer to raising our level of consciousness.

The lower chakra or the root is the seat of our ordinary day to day life. When free flowing we are grounded, dependable, realistic and secure. When it is out of balance we tend to appear spacy, stuck and stubborn, and may exhibit signs of addictive behavior.

If we look into our ordinary day to day life we will all find problems or situations that throw us off balance? We may even feel stuck on a problem. When these problems take over our level of consciousness we remain seated and stuck in the root chakra. Consciousness gets stuck at its’ lowest level.  All we can do is toss about in a state of unrest. To transcend we need to become grounded and still. Problems will come and problems will go. We will have good days and bad days. The challenge is to remain grounded and strong no matter what the situation in life. When we do this we are able to transcend our daily problems and reach a higher level of consciousness which is where peace and serenity are found. So today let’s practice letting go of our problems. Set them aside and focus on discovering balance, strength, flexibility and peace. It is through these attributes that we practice yoga. So let’s begin.


When your life gets challenged this week (and it will) try to draw yourself back to the root chakra. Find your grounding, establish balance, stay flexible and open, hold onto your strength and be at peace with what is, because what is, is exactly what you need to keep you practicing yoga.

Doctor Lynn

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