Thursday, September 15, 2016

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In yoga anything that is excessive, “inflames” our passionate and emotional self. We know that excessive physical and mental stress can lead to problems with physical inflammation. Excessiveness can also lead to a mind that becomes “inflamed”. Greed (excessive desires) is one of the four great passions of karma yoga. All our problems in life stem from one or more of the four great passions.

Everyone is here today for a reason. It may be to improve your balance or may-be to quiet the thrashing in your mind. Whatever brought you here today the focus should be on taking care of your health body, mind and soul. So take a moment and focus on what you need to work on today to be healthy. This class will improve your balance, stretch your joints and strengthen your bones and overall body structure. It will also, if you let it help you to find a few moments of solace from this hectic world. We are all here for some reason. Make that reason to support your health body, mind and soul.

Today let’s focus on movement of the body and quieting the mind to see if we can ease any excessive inflammation.

The most important thing in your life is your health. So focus on bringing health to the body and the mind because without a healthy body and a healthy mental outlook it is impossible for the soul to complete its mission which is to remove karma and find eternal peace.

Doctor Lynn
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