Friday, September 16, 2016

Right attitude is only the beginning – Yoga Today

Right attitude is only the beginning of the spiritual journey. Although this is the beginning it can take lifetimes for us to achieve right attitude. To achieve right attitude we need to learn to listen not only with the ear, but with the soul. It’s not about listening to sound, but listening to the silent language of an inspired soul. The first Yama (abstinence) or non-violence is a good example.

 Practicing Non-violence means to listen to your inner voice. If you can remain quiet you will perceive clearly any violence you create by inflicting harm on yourself or anyone else.  Criticism, bigotry and anger are the sounds of violence. Violence begins in thought and projects outward through our words and our deeds. So the right attitude is to bring to your consciousness peace and serenity and with that bring non-violence to you, others and every aspect of life. We need to silence the chitta (meaningless chatter) so we can hear the sound of peace. That is the practice of yoga. Let’s begin by working through the chakras or our energy centers bringing them into balance by staying flexible and open and working on our inner strength.


Right attitude is only the beginning of the spiritual journey. Listen to your inner voice and if it should speak of violence,( criticism, bigotry or anger) silence it. Experience the peace within and continue on the journey towards spiritual enlightenment. It begins and ends within the depth of your soul.


Doctor Lynn

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