Saturday, May 28, 2016

Habits Block Your Flow -Yoga Today

To know your true self you must apply constant effort. That means we must constantly be aware of the true nature of self and to strive for it; not to achieve something, but to remove the obstacles in your way which are your habits. When we think of habits we think of the annoying and repetitive things we all do. But in yoga habits are wrong ways of thinking, speaking and doing. They are whatever has come into you from without which cause you to experience wrong thinking, speaking and doing. This is a block to your true nature.

Let’s say you have the habit of getting a Starbucks coffee every morning. You tell yourself you cannot function without it. This would be wrong thinking and a habitual thought that must be removed. Oher wise your energy is not free flowing.  You are controlled by the impulse or habit of having the coffee. This does not mean you need to give up the coffee. It simply means you need to give up the notion that you need it to flow and move. To flow and move through life with balance and ease all you need is your breath, your health and a clear mind. Let’s work on this.

The struggle in life is not against nature. It is against the wrong knowledge within you. This is not your true nature. These are habits and wrong ways of thinking. Your true nature or the ability to flow with life from a place of ease is within you. You just need to remove the self-imposed habits to experience it and when you do this you will experience your true nature which is peaceful and serene and ever flowing.

Doctor Lynn

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