Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Give Your Brain a Tweak this Week

Researchers have discovers that those who eat fresh fish at least once a week have a lower incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s than those who don’t eat fish. It is interesting that when I was a child my father would tell me to eat my fish because it was good for the brain. We called it brain food.

Now if you are worried about heavy metal poisoning we do know that long term over consumption of  the big fish such as King mackerel, tuna, tile  and swordfish can cause kidney, and  liver damage, however those markers did not correlate with dementia or  have a negative impact on the  brain.

Eating fish at least once a week outweighs any potential risk. The key is to eat in moderation and if you are going to eat the big fish eat it occasionally. Shell fish and the smaller catch of the day would be a wiser choice.  So give your brain a tweak and have some fish this week.

Doctor Lynn

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