Saturday, May 07, 2016

Imagination – the Third Modification of the mind

The mind has five modifications or ways of being. The first is right knowledge and the second is wrong knowledge. You may think you have right knowledge, but you may be wrong unless you learn to really listen to your inner voice where you will always know the truth and what is right otherwise what you think is right may be wrong.

The third modification of the mind is imagination. Imagination is good and it is beautiful. All great discoveries, all art, music and beauty come through imagination. But everything that is ugly has also come through imagination. Hitler had a great imagination. He imagines the world as being inhabited by a super race and so he set about to destroy what he imagined to be weak

Imagination can give you poetry, music and art or it can give you madness. It all depends upon how you use your imagination. It can bring you peace and serenity or anxiety and paranoia. Ever imagined that someone was upset with you because they didn’t call you only later to find out that they were just busy? Ever told someone they were beautiful only to see their face light up and a ray of beauty ignited from their soul? Tell someone they are stupid and they will begin to believe it. Tell someone they are intelligent and they will also begin to believe it.

The practice of yoga is to teach you to discover your inner voice and use it to imagine and create good.


Pay attention to your imagination. You can use it to create right knowledge or wrong knowledge. You can use it to create beauty or madness. If imagination is used with right knowledge you will know that it is imagination and you will never get lost in it. You will simply use it to create beauty.

Imagination – the Third Modification of the mind
Doctor Lynn

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