Saturday, March 28, 2015

Devotion to what you love

Today we’re going to study a little bhakti yoga. Success in any endeavor and especially on the journey to enlightenment takes time. If you have an intention with a great devotion the time will be shorter. However, it all depends upon whether you are practicing or working (doing your karma) faithfully. It’s about devotion and that is bhakti yoga. Further bhakti is about finding your Ishta. What is your Ishta? It is that which you can devote yourself to with complete faith.

It means devotion or surrender to the divine energy of the universe. In practical terms, it is the inspired vision that focuses our desires. We know that desire leads to action and action leads to achievement, but desire left on its own without an underlying vision has a tendency to move in many directions at the same time. We desire this and we desire that; lacking focus. A clear vision gives us direction. That’s why we need to practice karma, discipline and focus. Nothing is achieved without practice.  Let’s practice.


In the study of Bhakti yoga, love is seen first from a spiritual perspective and then applied in a practical way so that the way of the heart or the journey towards love becomes a harmonizing and uplifting place where our personal relationships serve the spiritual process of self-discovery and self-transcendence. This requires karma or the ability to transcend the ego and see all of life and all of life’s relationships as opportunities to grow. When we do this we annihilate the seeds of karma. That is why even a so called “bad” relationship has the opportunity to bring you wisdom and gaining wisdom is why we are here.

Doctor Lynn


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