Saturday, March 14, 2015

Working on your karma

You must have faith and courage to discover why you are here. You must be strong enough to withstand all the lessons and tests of life. You must have a good memory so that you remember your mistakes and stop repeating them. You must be willing to contemplate and reflect upon your life. And you must be able to discriminate between who you think you are and who you really are – you are your soul.

To accomplish this you must practice –with intent and with dedication. If you have continually practiced yoga you know it has improved your life. There is more to yoga than the poses. Karma yoga is about discovering why you are here and the work you must do to free your soul.

Nothing is accomplished without practice.

Live your life with faith and, courage. Be strong enough to withstand the tests and lessons of life. Have a good memory so you remember the mistakes you have made and stop repeating them. Take time to contemplate and reflect. And remember you are not the material world – you are your soul.

Doctor Lynn

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