Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Maya the Illusion of Life

Maya however does not mean that the world is an illusion, but rather that illusion rests in our point of view. The shapes and structures we see around us are really the concepts of our measuring and categorizing minds.

In the Hindu view like the Buddhist view, all things are fluid and ever changing. Since the illusion is constantly changing, Karma (meaning action) is the active principle behind the force of creation.

As long as we believe in the illusion of life and that we are separate (ego driven) from the rest of the universe we are bound by Karma. To break the bonds of Karma is to realize the divinity (unity) in all of life.

Yoga, which means yoke, is a way to join the eternal energy of the universe. There are many kinds of Yoga, each suited to a different temperament and level of development. All however strive towards developing an intrinsic balance that will help you to maintain your balance in life while being  able to compensate for the stressful influences which constantly threaten to upset your balance and harmony. The key word here is balance. Stress, ill health, weight problems, addictions, relationship problems, financial problems, or whatever we perceive to be our earthy problems is the result of an unbalanced energy system. To correct this we must implement a program that allows us to rediscover our balance and then maintain it.

Learning to balance energy is the process of lifestyle change. Without it we simply will swing back and forth or up and down and never reach states of physical, mental and spiritual balance.

The reason why fad diets, and quick fix exercise programs or crisis intervention don’t always work is because we are not dealing with the inner core of energy and balance. Once we learn to harness this energy our choices, attitudes and perceptions drastically change.

We see the illusion for what it is – we are not the material world, but the material world is here to teach us the lessons of life. Maya – remember  your perceptions and your attitudes are the illusion- nothing is permanent - everything changes. The only reality is that we are all connected in the great web of life. Respect yourself, respect others and respect the universe for we are all connected.



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