Friday, December 12, 2014

The Vrttis - Our Consciouness

The vrttis make impressions upon our minds. These vrttis are ways in which we understand consciousness. Consciousness is a series of impressions. What we do with these impressions is up to us. Impressions come from correct knowledge, incorrect, imagination or delusion, sleep and dreams and from our memory.

These five thought forms must be controlled if we are to quiet the mind so that we can experience inner peace. We cannot completely empty the mind. Emptying the mind is a thought process within itself. So we seek to quiet the mind. But how can we control these vrttis? It is easy to say control the mind, but in reality the mind seems to be controlling us!

Nothing is achieved without practice. That is why we are here today – to practice yoga and attempt to control the mind, by finding balance, being flexible, maintaining our strength and discovering peace.


If you have attempted to control your mind, you have successfully practiced yoga today. It is not so much about controlling your mind, as it is about consciously being aware of the thoughts in your mind and then attempting to quiet them so you can find a moment of peace. Nothing is achieved without practice.

Doctor Lynn


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