Friday, December 05, 2014

Heath Tip - Holiday Cheer and a Glow for the Skin

In one study, German researchers gave women a half cup of extra-flavonoid enriched cocoa every day. In just 6 weeks skin was smoother, better hydrated and less sun sensitive. And 12 weeks did even more. All thanks to the skin-boosting antioxidants in cocoa, called flavonoids. But remember that’s dark chocolate and the darker the better. Here’s a great chocolate dessert recipe from my cook book: Recipes for Health, Sex, Happiness and Love. This is a great healthy drink that is low in calories and high in antioxidants.

Spirited Orange Cocoa for 1 cup
1 - 12  ounce coffee mug
2 tablespoons of dark cocoa mix (try Essential Living organic cocoa mix) in a 12 ounce cup of hot water.

Mix well. Add a splash (1-2 tablespoon) of Grand Marquette or Patron Orange Liquor (can be found at BevMO –in stores and online $9.99).

Shave about 1 teaspoon of 85% organic chocolate and 1 teaspoon of grated fresh orange skin and sprinkle both on top of the cocoa… enjoy! (About 120 calories per serving) – don’t want to use liquor; squeeze a tablespoon of fresh orange juice.

For a party – use 2 tablespoons of cocoa per 12 ounces of water and make a carafe, (coffee pot) full of the cocoa mix; add 1 tablespoon of orange liquor per 12 ounces of cocoa).

Serve in small espresso cups with chocolate and orange grated on top and a side of vanilla biscotti.

Cheers and may your skin glow!

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