Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yoga Today –Restraining the Mind

The mind is full of citta or mind stuff. It is the nature of the mind to think and to wander. The goal of yoga is to quiet the mind so that it exist in a state of small ripples rather than the crashing and thrashing of the waves known as emotions. If you can control the mind into just a rising of ripples, you have experienced yoga.
We project the world. The world does not exist outside of us. We create our world through our own projecting. That is why, when we practice yoga, we don’t worry about changing the outside world. We focus on quieting the inner self and bringing the mind to a state of gentle ripples.

Sit quiet and close your eyes. Listen quietly to your breath. As you focus on the inhale and the exhale you will begin to feel the tension leave your body and mind settle into a place of gentle ripples.

Nothing is achieved without practice. This is why we practice yoga.

Doctor Lynn

If you control your mind you control everything.

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