Saturday, September 06, 2014

Six Things to Bring Concentration into Your life

There are six things that will support concentration and bring balance into your life. Here are the first two:

1.    1.  Curtail your wants and needs. You don’t need to discard all your wants and needs, only those that are superficial and not necessary. An example would be having a better car. A want and need to keep would be happiness.  Better to place your concentration and energy on developing happiness, peace and health than on material gains. Concentrate on those three things and the rest will come.

2.    2.   Limit your life’s activities to those that are the most significant. This will improve your lifestyle, reduce stress and bring you longevity. An example would be spending time with those you love as opposed to  working long hours, watching TV or surfing the net. 

      If you have your health, are happy and you are at peace in the world you have everything.

         Doctor  Lynn


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