Thursday, October 14, 2010

What does it take to turn a “bad” day into a success life?

Yesterday morning I taught my yoga class. Before I left I had a slight disagreement with my husband and was feeling a bit ungrounded. I always start the class with some kind of message because yoga is much more than simply the poses and postures. So the message was about how your feeling influences your thoughts and how your thoughts influence the outcome of your day. Get in touch with your feelings, bring quiet balance to your feelings, then balances your thought and those thoughts will bring balance to your life.

The student’s eyes always open wide when I hit a nerve. Everyone can relate to being unbalanced and chaotic feelings that quickly move into unbalanced thoughts. Everyone can understand how those thoughts affect their day. But it is another thing to take the time to quiet the feelings and balance the body-mind through the experience of yoga. Ask yourself; what am I feeling in this moment and how is it affecting my thoughts? What can I do to quiet my mind and bring balance to my life?

And just where do feeling come from anyway? With a little insight you might turn your day into a success.

Doctor Lynn

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