Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to successfully take a break -

I’m leaving today for a 2 week trip to Africa by way of Dubai. We’re going on Safari and are promised we’ll see the big five. My sense of adventure is high and I feel the need for a break from work. I’m quite well organized as I usually am with a few things to finish up before we board the plane this evening.

I am really looking forward to taking a break from work and from the normal daily grind. I love what I do and am very busy six out of seven days a week with teaching and launching my new book and video but there is a time when you feel tired and ready to let go. I am fortunate that I have the ability to travel around the world which is one of my life long passions.

To successfully take a break you need to let go at some point. There will always be things to do at the last minute and lose ends that don’t get tied as you wish they would be, but you need to surrender and just let it all go until you return. Take a break from it all. Otherwise the stress of getting ready to travel will overwhelm you. Pack early but not too early or you’ll forget what you packed and these days with the airlines you need to pay close attention to the number of bags and the weight.

Cancel the paper, leave the phone message, have the mail collected, call the family, shut down the computer, shut off the lights, turn off the heat, close the door and catch the cab to the airport – I’m off to see the BIG FIVE! That’s what it takes to take a successful break!

Doctor Lynn


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