Friday, October 08, 2010

Success only in LA

Last night I had dinner with Harrison Ford. No really I did. I didn’t exactly dine with him but I did dine at a table across the room from him. He was there with Callista’s son at the corner table of one of our favorite restaurants. I looked across the room and said to my husband I think that’s Harrison Ford?” I asked the waitress and she said “he dines here about once a week.”

Harrison Ford is only one of many stars I’ve spotted in my neighborhood. I’ve stood next to them in line, said hello as I passed by on the street, seen then at the movies and of course various other restaurants.

I’ve often thought I should keep a log of whom, when and where I spotted a star. However when you live in LA, seeing a star is just an occurrence with a commonly understood sense of etiquette to leave them alone. My biggest regret however is the day I was in a book store standing right next to Dustin Hoffman and I did not say hi. I mean we were shoulder to shoulder!

So does spotting stars make for a successful life? No, but it’s a lot of fun and having fun sure makes for a successful life.

Doctor Lynn

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