Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Karma You Carry

Basically we have three tanks or holders of karma that we carry with us:

1.      the total tank of all your karma

2.      the karma you brought into this life

3.      the karma you are creating in this lifetime.


Before we can discover the lesson we have come here to learn, we must reincarnate. According to karma, in the last forty-eight minutes of your last life you had desires. These desires must then be realized again through this your next life. As we depart this earth we leave behind our bodies and our earthly senses. The soul cannot experience these desires without the help of the body and the senses so it chooses to return. These desires may be of an addictive nature, which means that the addiction, the drama, and the negativity will intensify in this and all the lifetimes to come unless we annihilate it. And to do that we will need to find emotional and physical balance, be flexible and open, remain strong and focused, and be aware of the nature of life; it is simply cause and effect. Let’s get to work.


There is also a special karma you create in this lifetime that will annihilate karma from the past, as well as in this lifetime and in future lifetimes.  Just remember karma is not retribution. It is an emotional and mental impetus from the past and that past could be one minute ago or many lifetimes ago.  Be on the lookout for this special karma. It will help you to prosper. What is it? Look for opportunities to practice kindness and you will discover it.

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