Saturday, March 03, 2018

Where to Find Enlightenment

As we begin to expand our consciousness we will see patterns of behavior that have been dictating our lives. These forces are nothing more than energy that we have taken on for our own evolution. That is the purpose and true nature of our being. But we can remove them, change them and create them. That is karma and why it is said that we become the creator of our own destiny.  As we remove the veil of ignorance (maya), we discover that our purpose for being here on earth is simply to remove vices and add virtues.  We have an opportunity to discover this through the contents of our lives. When we discover how to use all the content of our lives to remove deceit, greed, anger and pride we are on the path to enlightenment. That’s soul walking.

This process of soulful discovery is found through the contents of our lives. We just have to remember that the world is real and available for our evolution. It is our interpretation of things that creates the illusion. When we discover our true mission, the drama and dynamics of life give way to the process of enlightenment.  Enlightenment is found is those ahha moments. Be on the lookout for those moments as they will reveal to you the meaning of life. Just remember life is not about the accumulation of things. However, it is because of the material world that we have the opportunity to discover our reason and purpose for being here on earth. The work you do, the relationships you have and the things you accumulate can be powerful tools for your evolution. Use the world wisely or it will use you.

Doctor Lynn

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