Saturday, March 17, 2018

Why do we need the body-mind?

Remember we are comprised of seven layers of energy; body, aura, emotion, intellect, soul, cosmic and beyond knowing We are also swirling fountains of energy that lie along the spine better known as the chakras. We need to balance and support the positive integration of the lower layers of energy and the lower chakras in order to be able to transcend the ego’s hold. This transcendence moves us beyond the world of emotion, attachment and fear and into the realm of the intellectual self. As long as we are caught in the maya( the illusion) it is impossible to tap into the intellectual energy of the soul. When stuck in the negative aspects of physical weight, cravings, self-doubt, fear and the inability to speak and live the truth it is impossible to discover the resourceful energy of the soul.  When you learn how to move beyond the body, above the aura and detach from emotions the mental self is free to discover how to transcend the weight of the world and tap into your intellectual soulful self. It is here you will begin to discover how to live a prosperous life. Remember this for it is very important; when bogged down with physical weight and emotional turmoil quiet your mind and let your energy slip into your intellectual soulful self. This is transcendence and the pathway to prosperity.

Although the soul is our purpose for being here on earth we often usurp its importance in favor of the body and the mind. We relegate the soul to the back of the bus. But it does not feel slighted. It quietly sits back watching the body-mind act out its life. It matters not whether it gets heard in this life or the many lives hereafter. A life is a blink of time for the soul. It knows eventually it will get where it desires to go. But we do need the body and the mind to take us on this journey known as life. They are the vehicle and the GPS for the soul. It behooves us to treat them well and attend to their good health.

Doctor Lynn

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