Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Life Force is always Good

If a person injures, lies or steals the life force which is always good gets scattered. When the life force is scattered we experience anger, hatred, bigotry, envy and deceit. To practice nonviolence, truthfulness and non-stealing is to gather the life force and move it in a direction that will only bring good into your life.

Our earthly work is the attainment of a balanced and harmonious life. This cannot be achieved when your energy is scattered and misdirected. Therefore you should never:

Do violence, be untruthful or steal from another person

Do violence, be untruthful or steal from yourself

Allow others to be violent, untruthful or steal

Encourage others to do violence, be untruthful or steal


Practice compassion and understanding for others and for yourself.  In this you will find the good and the good will lead you to happiness and peace.
Doctor Lynn

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