Saturday, October 01, 2016

Listen to Your Center - Yoga Today


Take a moment and focus on any emotional or physical pain or disturbances that exist in your life. These exist on the periphery or the circumference and not at the center. Now let’s move closer toward our center. Slowly with deep long breathes begin to remove whatever is disturbing your peace. Let go of everything and find your center. It is a vast space of calmness. Here you will find your intuition. Here you will find the answers. If you penetrate deep enough to the center everything will disappear and you will be at peace.

Now project your center towards whatever has been giving you pain. You will begin to realize that even setbacks in life have their advantage. Seek your heart center. It is the place of compassion and understanding. Now project outward towards the center of your disturbance and you will know exactly what to do. Everything in life has a purpose. Sometimes what seems to be a disturbance is really a push to grow stronger, be more flexible and to establish balance. Let’s practice

When life hands you emotional and physical pain go to your center.  Here you will find the answer. Nothing in life is permanent. Everything in life keeps moving and changing. But your center remains strong; it is flexible and maintains its balance. When you live from your center every situation in life will be tuned into an opportunity.  

Namaste- I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

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