Thursday, October 06, 2016

Building Healthy Relationships

If we are to reach a higher level of consciousness and to change the course of our karma, we must begin with the desire to build the sacred vessel of relationship. The most sacred relationship is the relationship we build with ourselves.  The problem is that most of us are quite self-centered and spend a lot of time trying to control others in an attempt to get what we want.

How we relate to the world is found in our own thoughts, perception, and feelings about the world around us. As we gain experience, we gain wisdom and this wisdom opens us up to new perceptions that will direct the actions we take as we relate to the world.

As we reaches out from a place of inner consciousness we may encounter others who have not discovered the sacredness of relationships. That is okay, because there is a realization that we are all one, even if some of us are still stuck in the self- centered egotistical view of the world.  Everyone will experience the journey differently. However, there are certain common denominators we will all experience once we are consciously on the journey.

There will be daily practice (devotion) and conscious awareness of the process.  There will be moments of inner silence and a gradual shift from intentions and actions that are outwardly based and focused on outcomes and time frames, to intentions and actions that are based on the inner journey. This naturally leads to more harmonious outcomes.  As we shift to a place of balance and become more unified and harmonious our world reflects this inner peace.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The best way to transcend the continual cycle of karma is to become the very expression of life as a unified whole with divine nature expressed in all actions great and small. To do this we must build the sacred vessel of relationship.

Be clear about your intentions. Openness is required.  Truth is fundamental. We must be committed to building the walls of the sacred vessel; openness, trust, and commitment; without these relationships cannot sustain their strength.

Doctor Lynn

Spiritual Fitness

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