Thursday, June 25, 2015

Becoming Spiritually Fit – Pay Attention to Your Intuition

Intuition has been defined as “the immediate knowing of something without conscious reasoning.” We all are aware of our sense of intuition and yet it is so elusive. The process of spiritual fitness is partly about uncovering the nature of this sense.

To develop our sense of intuition we must first remove the maya or the veil of illusion that keeps us trapped in the world. This does not mean we stop living in the world. It simply means we learn to see the true reality of our being beyond the illusion the world creates. This means we begin to discover why we are here and when we discover why we are here we begin to shed expectation and judgment. But discovery like everything in life has two sides.

 Intuition is discovered in the sixth chakra or third eye which is located between the brows. It controls the pineal and the pituitary glands, the eyes, ears and nose.  On a physical level when out of balance we experience colds, sinus problems, and headaches.

 It is the source of the spiritual body and the center of intelligence or subtle mind. It has the ability to pierce the veil of illusion (maya), which is the source of our problems. The polarity or two sides of intuition are creation and destruction. To transcend this polarity is to become the witnessing consciousness. The witnessing consciousness is that level of being where we are able to separate ourselves from our thoughts and actions and witness the ability to create and/or destroy. Both are necessary and with intuition we quickly make the right choice. We discover what we need to destroy and what we need to create to achieve spiritual fitness.. The closer we get to our intuitive self the closer we get to spiritual fitness.


Spiritual Fitness – listen to your intuition. It is the memory track of your soul. It will guide you through life, if you let it. The closer we get to our intuitive self the closer we get to spiritual fitness.
Doctor Lynn

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