Thursday, November 28, 2013


Who is this person staring back at me? Her hair has soft tints of grey. There are wrinkles forming where soft firm skin once existed. Her butt is staring to droop even though she works hard every day at the gym. Her skin is beginning to drape. Gravity is taking over. She can feel herself being pulled closer and closer to the earth. Is she shrinking? She looks tired even when she is not. She feels tired even after a good nights sleep. Her energy is not what it used to be...for that she sometimes feels frustrated. And her mind...some times there are little gaps. Who is she?'s me! Nevertheless as Jimmy Buffett once sang - in my life I've seen tragic and magic, but it has been a good life all the same. And I plan to ahve a lot more fun.
Damn it, I've still got a few good years left and I'm going to climb as many mountains as I can, travel to far away places and laugh every chance I get. And be grateful for my health, my family and all my good friends. That person staring back at me is just a reflection. Inside I am still thirty-five, feisty and looking for fun!

You are only a young as you are flexible - so keep bending, twisting and moving!

Doctor Lynn

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