Saturday, April 18, 2020

Authority is the Seventh Treasure

Authority means to have the power or right to give orders, to make decisions and to enforce rules of order. This is truly a treasure of great importance for it has the power to create or destroy depending upon ones moral and ethical underpinning.

Orders, decisions and rules of conduct based upon good and sound morals and ethics is the basis of a prosperous society. 


We all have some level of authority. Mostly it is the authority we have over our own conduct; our perception and attitudes.  How we decide and enforce our conduct runs counter to our moral and ethical point of view.  So although we often think of authority as someone with great power it is a treasure we all share.   How we use it determines whether we prosper or not.


Authority means the power to make and implement rules of order.  Whether it is the head of a household or the head of a nation rules must be followed. Leaders must lead and people must follow proper modes of conduct if any group small or large is to prosper. The problems happen when authority and power is misused because of greed, deceit, anger and pride. The four great passions will lead to destruction if not tethered by ethical and moral codes of conduct. Never forget that life has a perfect accounting system. Nothing goes unbalanced or unnoticed. The laws of karma state that for every cause there will be an effect. Life becomes what life does.


Authority brings with it a great responsibility. Someone of great authority is often known as an expert and therefore holds great knowledge. This knowledge often grants power, prestige and position.  Authority also means to have the legal and formal rights to give orders and make decisions. How we use this authority determines whether a person, family, group or society prospers or not.


Just remember, we all have the treasure of authority. Every day we make decisions and enforce rules of order. How we use this treasure determines whether we prosper or not. The moral duty of anyone in a place of power and authority is to make the world a better place by making those who they have power and authority over, healthy, happy and safe. Their happiness and welfare then becomes the authoritarian’s happiness and welfare. When this happens everyone prospers. Authority is truly a great treasure. Use it wisely.


Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

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