Friday, July 27, 2018

The Eight Types of Karma ~ Yoga Today

There are eight types of karma we encounter in our lifetime. The first is attitudinal karma. All karmic events are processed through the attitudes we carry. Our attitudes determine the outcome of our experiences and our lives. The second is event karma. Certain events happen in the course of our lives that create change. Marriages, birth of children, divorce, death of loved one, change in job and other earthly events that help to shape our lives. The third is time gates. We have all had experiences or known someone whose life has suddenly taken a drastic change. Like the starving young actor who suddenly gets a break and his whole life changes. It is said this person has passed through a time gate. Time gates are everywhere and due to our attitudes we can often walk right by an opportunity. The fourth is reciprocity. We reap what we sow and so what we give out into the world comes back to us. The fifth is generating. We are constantly generating karma by our actions. It will either manifest in this lifetime or the next. The sixth is supportive karma. This is the action we perform that supports karmic change. An example would be counseling or taking this soul walk. The seventh is counteractive karma or doing things that are counter to the karma we are trying to work out. This is when we know we should be acting in one way, but act in another and thus create self-sabotaging actions. The eighth is destructive karma. This of course is action that we take that deepens our karma or adds destructive consequences to our lives. A life of crime or drug addiction would be destructive examples.

To overcome a piece of karma or to implement a lasting change we need to apply a simple formula. Karma yoga teaches that it takes 120 days to overcome a piece of karma. This is called a trine pattern. A trine is what astrology refers to as an aspect or the distance between two planets. A trine is the distance of 120 degrees. A trine symbolizes good luck. Modern science tells us that new red blood cells regenerate about every 120 days. So most likely it would take about 120 days to lock into your cellular memory something that you would like to change.

What would we all like to lock into our cellular structure? Balance, flexibility, strength and peace; body, mind and soul.


Our emotions are energy impressions embedded into the protein structure of our cells. Our body is constantly building up and breaking down these protein structures. Any emotional energy stored in your cells will be regenerated into new cells. The question then becomes, how do we best implant new energy memory into the cells? Karma teaches us that the best way to learn a lesson and implement change is through awareness, meditation, contemplation, reflection, and vicarious learning. By observing and consciously becoming aware of the karma we are attempting to change, we can and will learn the lesson. Karma tells us that if the lesson has been truly learned (change has been made) a space opens and we then have a greater opportunity to manifest free will. We become the masters of our own destiny and this leads to prosperity.

Doctor Lynn


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