Saturday, April 21, 2018

Money comes and goes, but character last for lifetimes. So choose wisely.

The question then becomes how do you build character? Character is reflected in how you react to things. How do you react when you experience injustice? Should you react? To react with disgust, indignation and judgment is to go against the pure nature of your soul. To observe without judgment is to practice one of the fundamental laws of karma; non-judgment. It is the ability to view the world without superimposing your opinions, perceptions and attitudes. The minute we apply judgement we break the suggested rule of “do not harm.” To judge another is to challenge another person’s right to walk their own path. Everyone is on their own mission and yet the mission of life involves all of us. We are not here to judge the path of another person. We are here to understand both our actions and our reactions and then reconstruct them to make the world a better place. The focus in life should always be on self and self-development without harm to anyone or anything. You are simultaneously responsible for bringing goodness to everyone and everything and at the same time only responsible for the path you walk. Walk it with respect and kindness.

Depression is another state of being that compromises self. It is a dark and gloomy place visited by almost everyone at some time in their lives. In fact there are millions of functioning depressed people interacting with each of us every day. We don’t see it because we have become a society that is good at hiding our depression. We have many varieties of anti-depressants to help us cope. At its best depression still allows us to function. At its worst it is a dark and lonely place where despair and regret loom over us like a damp and gloomy day. We are passionless, void, empty and numb.

Depression, disappointment, disillusionment, discouragement, loneliness and lack of fulfillment have the potential to take us deep into the dark night of soul. It is here with the chaos of life whirling around us that we must decide to either walk the soulful path or  sink deeper into  the murky chaos where we lose our dignity, clarity, grounding and balance. There is no justice in life. That is why we have laws and the laws of karma state that, life becomes what life does. Choose wisely. You have the power. Which path will you take?

Doctor Lynn


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