Saturday, June 30, 2018

Your karma comes in percentages.


Karma particles come into our lives in percentages and these percentages have a great influence on the nature of our lives.

1.     The smallest percentage of karma relates to the length of your life. No matter what you do, negative or positive, this karma determines the length of your life. The percentage is 5 percent. This is an interesting concept as we can see that the length of our life is not nearly as important as the nature of our life.

2.     Name and fame equal 6 percent. Each is an equal 3 percent, so your name and the level of notoriety are 6 percent of your reason for being in this reincarnation.

3.     The karma that determines your individuality equals 8 percent, and the karma that determines your family and family origin is another 8 percent for a total of 16 percent.

4.      The karma of knowledge, happiness, and awareness each equal 12 percent for a total of 36 percent. Remember, negative karma can block happiness (12 percent of your being) just as it can hinder knowledge and the ability to see things as they truly are.

5.     Belief and conduct each make up 9 ½ percent of your karma for a total of 19 percent

6.     The karma of joy equals 18 percent. The greatest amount of negative karma goes into prohibiting the expression of joy.


Let’s begin our yoga practice and see if we can find a little joy today.



Your Karma comes to you in percentages. What this means is that your karma is divided into percentages and these percentages rule different areas of your life. We cannot change our individuality or our family of origin, but we can change the other 84 %; name and fame, knowledge, happiness and awareness, beliefs and conduct, and the expression of joy.   We have chosen to return to a particular family as a particular individual for the completion of our lessons. Using these percentages we can see ways to improve our lives and thus find joy.

Doctor Lynn


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