Saturday, June 23, 2018

How to Change Your Karma

There are eight types of karma or causes we encounter in our lifetime that affect the outcome of our lives. Our attitudes, the events in our lives, time gates, reciprocity, generating, supporting, counteractive and destructive energy affect the quality of our lives. Each of these forms of energy affects our lives in either positive or negative ways.  How we see the world, what we do and how we react determines the structure and nature of our lives.

To overcome a piece of karma, or to implement a lasting change we need to lock to our cellular structure a change in energy.  Karma yoga teaches that it takes 120 days to overcome a piece of karma. Modern science tells us that new red blood cells regenerate about every 120 days. So most likely it would take about 120 days to lock into your cellular memory something that you would like to change.

Our emotions are energy impressions embedded into the protein structure of our cells. Our body is constantly building up and breaking down these protein structures. Any emotional energy stored in your cells will be regenerated into new cells. The question then becomes, how do we best implant new energy memory into the cells? Let’s start with our yoga practice.


How do we best implant new energy memory into the cells?  Karma teaches us that the best way to learn a lesson and implement change is through awareness, meditation, contemplation, reflection, and vicarious learning. By observing and consciously becoming aware of the karma we are attempting to change, we can and will learn the lesson. Karma tells us that if the lesson has been truly learned (change has been made) a space opens and we then have a greater opportunity to manifest free will. We become the masters of our own destiny and this leads to prosperity.

Doctor Lynn

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