Saturday, February 03, 2018

What Are the Three Biggest Obstacles that Challenge our Karma?

Two of our three biggest obstacles along the pathway of life are our beliefs and attitudes.  Our beliefs are tied to our value system, which is ingrained into our consciousness by our upbringing and experiences. An attitude is the feeling we have regarding our beliefs. We defend our values through selective perception, or the ability to disregard anything that challenges what we believe. Although it is important to have a value system it is necessary to be open to the values of others if you are to Soul Walk. One of our biggest challenges is to be nonjudgmental, tolerant and compassionate, as well as open toward others who may have opposing views.  Our attitudes and beliefs get tainted with deception, greed, anger and pride. This is the challenge of karma. These take us off the soulful path. Practice nonjudgement, tolerance and compassion and your beliefs will take on an attitude of respect and benevolence towards all of life. To meet this challenge you will need balance, flexibility, strength and tranquility.

Our third biggest obstacle is keeping the body and the mind healthy in a world of disease, pollution, corruption, and low self-esteem and self-worth. We have measurements and definition for what is consider physical and mental health. IQ test, blood test and many more tests give us insights into our health. But they cannot measure with accuracy the existence or the health of the soul.  But if you take a moment to be quiet and listen to your soul, your soul will tell you how to proceed. The only test needed is your ability to truly listen to your inner self. When this happens your attitudes and beliefs will shift and change. You will begin to see the world not as physical measurements of gain or loss, but as soulful pursuits. This is karma and why you are here.


Doctor Lynn

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