Saturday, January 20, 2018

Life’s Biggest Questions

Just remember that life becomes what life does. You are here to work your karma and part of working your karma is to ponder the questions of life; who am I, why am I here and where am I going?

At some point in everyone’s life the questions of meaning will surface. In fact striving to answers these is the most powerful driving force that will cause humans to question. These questions ponder the design of things, and the purpose and meaning of our lives. Who am I and what happens when earth life ends? We all wrestle with these questions at various times in our lives, no matter what our station, preference, color, gender or creed.

Just remember you are a soul who has taken on this body and this mind to work out your karma.  Work your karma and you will prosper.  Let’s begin by moving our bodies, quieting our mind and focus on tapping into our souls.

Answering the questions of life will require work. Nothing comes instantaneously and without a lot of effort and sometimes turmoil. The Chinese have a symbol for crisis that means both danger and opportunity. How you envision things and how hard you are willing to work determines whether what comes your way is either a crisis of danger or a crisis of opportunity. Stay focused, maintain your balance and you will see life not as a crisis of danger, but as an opportunity to work your karma and in this you will prosper.

Doctor Lynn

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