Saturday, August 19, 2017

How do we know we have a soul?

If we can’t measure the soul how do we know we have one?  In yoga the life force that vitalizes everything in the universe is called prana. It is actually the energy responsible for the movement of all consciousness in the world. What lies beneath your consciousness is a force (prana) that causes it to rise. This we call thinking. As you think so you become. Prana gives rise to the breath and this gives life to the body and the mind. When this happens your soul begins to walk its earthly life.

How do we know it exist? Take a breath. What causes you to breathe? Not oxygen, but the power that causes movement and that is prana.

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Prana gives vital energy to our bodies and also gives us the power to think. It is pure and simple and yet gives birth to the complexities of life. It is pure subconscious movement giving rise to conscious thought. I exist so therefore I have the power to think - So think kindness, contentment, generosity, happiness, love and peace. And never forget to take care of your health; body, mind and soul.

Doctor Lynn

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