Thursday, August 31, 2017

Family-how to harmonize

Visiting family can be challenging. These are the relationships where we feel the most comfortable and at the same time the most vulnerable. The family you were born into is important to your soul’s journey. According to karma yoga you choose this family as the best way to assist you in correcting your karma.

Sometimes the challenges are uncomfortable and sometimes they are not. But whenever and whoever we relate to in life it gives us an opportunity to discover harmony. Try to live your life in harmony within yourself and then with your family and the world at large. How? When you feel the tension of disharmony, make a space, take a breath and let it go reminding yourself that everyone on earth is doing the best they can. Sometimes the best is hard for us to understand so be compassionate. Remember not all souls have evolved; yet.

Let’s work on harmony, purity, beauty and love.

Be compassionate with all of life. Reach out to help with an open hand and a pure heart. Remember that soul’s speak to souls and although you may not understand another person, their soul is there to help you evolve. Bless everyone and everything. Live your life in harmony.

Doctor Lynn

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