Saturday, July 29, 2017

Why are you here?

The reason why we are here is to learn, know and master the mission of the soul. The problem is that most of us are so caught up in the chitter in our minds that we forget to listen with an open mind and a loving heart. Life presents us with experiences so that we might learn to be strong, to find our balance, to stay flexible and how to find happiness and peace. The experiences of life are like yoga poses; simply an opportunity to learn, know and master.

Resting on the mat

Letting go – everyone has something they need to let go – could be the tension in your body, an argument, a fear, an ache or pain – whatever it is let’s take a few moment to relax breath and let go.

Standing Mountain

Balance - to be imbalanced something is out of proportion. Seek balance in all things and in all things find balance – Be moderate – too little or too much and you lose your balance –let’s do standing mountain and then the tree

Child’s Pose on the mat – forward bend to Standing Mountain

Strength – when we think of strength we think of physical strength but also need mental and soulful strength - weakness means a shortcoming, a flaw, to be indecisive – find the courage to face your own weakness and you will find inner strength. Take a minute to focus on your strength in child’s pose - Now Let’s do triangle and warrior poses

Feet up for three minutes

Flexibility - to be inflexible means to be rigid, stiff and opinionated and stubborn.  Think about releasing something that may be keeping you twisted in knots- hold in shoulder stand or feet up for three minutes and then relax - Now let’s do bow and arrow and seated twist

The world is made up of real experience so that you might discover balance and learn to be strong and flexible. Do not let the world use you. Instead use the world to discover the truth. The truth is that we are here to learn, know and master our lives. Be balanced, strong and flexible and your ego will surrender to your soul. In this you will discover wisdom.

Doctor Lynn


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